• 2021 11.19-11.21
  • B2F, Conference Hall, Administration Building, Shuinan Campus, China Medical University.
  • No.100, Sec.1, Jingmao Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan(R.O.C)

Brief & Idea

Cancer has become the top ten leading causes of death and seriously affects the health of human beings all over the world. It arises from the transformation from normal cells into cancerous one through complex mechanisms. Deciphering the molecular mechanisms of cancer causing or suppressing has become the foremost focus of biomedical research towards eradicating cancer, which is an important issue of global concern. In recent years, worldwide biomedical research, including in Taiwan has made unprecedented progress in both quality and quantity. Case in point is the recent speedy and effective development of several SARS-Cov2 vaccines and remedies in a short period of time. Modern biomedical research requires knowledge sharing and inter needs of many cross disciplines. Therefore, close interaction and collaboration among diverse fields are becoming a crucial practice in biomedical science. The inception of ICABS aims to promote scientific sharing between experts in Taiwan and internationally on a mutually beneficial basis.


The highlight of this conference is the participation of both international and domestic top scholars in the field of biomedical sciences. Invited international speakers include the following 9 members of the US Academy of Sciences Drs. William Kaelin (2019 Nobel Laureate) , Randy Schekman (2013 Nobel Laureate), Tony Hunter, Lewis Cantley, Irving Weissman, Zhijian James Chen, Dinshaw Patel, and Ron DePinho. Also invited are other renown international scholars, including Drs. Nagashiro Minato, Zhimin James Lu, Xiang-Dong Fu, Dihua Yu, and Wenyi Wei. Domestic experts include Academicians of Academia Sinica, Drs. Chien-Jen Chen (formal Vice President of Taiwan, R.O.C.), Pan -Chyr Yang ,Chi-Huey Wong, and Mien-Chie Hung .

The topic covers the most advanced and forward-looking biomedical topics , including: Signal Transduction and Cancer, Cancer Metabolism, Stem Cells, Cancer Immunology, Novel technology and translational innovation, and Innovative Cancer Therapy.



Session 1. Signal Transduction and Cancer

Session 2: Cancer Metabolism

Session 3: Stem Cells

Session 4: Cancer Immunology

Session 5: Novel technology and translational innovation

Session 6: Innovative Cancer Therapy




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2021.10.18 |Questions on registration confirmation and obtaining a pass to enter CMU campus



  • For those who have completed registration and have not received any confiramtion email on either abstract submission or payment please contact info@icabs.org.tw
  • To comply the regulations by TCDC and CMU, all visitors are asked to fill out the COVID-19 related questionarries prior to enterng CMU campus. The pass is valid for 7 days. Please fill it out after 11/15. For those visitor who do not have Taiwan ID card please fill out the paper version of the questionarries at the entrance of CMU campus.

2021.10.06 |

UPDATES on conference

The conference has been modified to a hybrid format.  Due to the travel restrictions imposed by the Taiwan government, all international speakers will not be able to visit Taiwan in person. Their talks will either be delivered via live videos or prerecorded ones in conference venue. All domestic speakers will still present in person. Meet-the-Expert luncheons are canceled. Abstract deadline has been extended to Oct 25, 2021.

2021.09.08 |

Call for Paper

We welcome submissions on areas related to (A) signal transduction and cancer, (B) cancer metabolism, (C) stem cells, (D) cancer immunology, (E) Novel technology and translational innovation, and (F) innovative cancer therapy. Submissions will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee.
*Deadline for submission: Oct. 25, 2021
*All submissions must be in English.
*Submissions will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee.
*Results will be released and sent to the applicant by email, no later than Nov. 1, 2021

2021.05.18 |

Meet-the-Expert Lunchen

There will be 17 meet-the-expert luchens for those who are interested in meeting international and domestic experts. Lunch will only be provided to registrants.